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I am a passionate photographer and have been consumed by photography since my early teenage years. It all started with a passion for art. Soon I realized that painting people's faces did not capture their feelings the way I wanted. After purchasing a camera, the journey began... I have enjoyed photographing a wide variety of subjects - family portraits, babies, children, still life, landscapes, architecture and the list goes on. Throughout my travels in many countries in Europe, my camera was always with me. I learned new techniques from the masters and I currently hold a Diploma in Photography. My photos have been awarded in various competitions and also auctioned at charities.

You may say is just a photo. But I believe it can make a difference to you over time to have the satisfaction of capturing a cherished moment.

As a portrait professional photographermy photo session is all about YOU,       your stories, your memories, your style.

Maybe you would like to just spoil yourself, or you would like to impress your loved one. Or maybe you would like a family shoot with your kids or simply a girls day out to celebrate your friendship, it will be a personalized photo session. The photos are created for you so they are as individual and unique as you are.

Convenience and affordability may be important to you. This is why there are various options to organize your photo session. It can be  in the comfort of your home in a mobile studio or it can be done to capture you in the beauty of the natural light or during a special event. I have packages to suit any budget.

I invite you to a personal photo session with me.....